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The Latest Advances in Inspection Technology – Live!

ZENITH: The World’s First 3D Measurement Based Pre & Post Reflow AOI!


  • Measures & Inspects Everything on Assembled PCB in 3D Using 8 Way Projection
  • Solder Joint Inspection Using Quantitative 3D Measurement Data
  • Robust Inspection against the most serious warp on FPCB
  • No Fine Tuning Required for Lifted Lead/Shadow Area between Tall Components

aSPIre 2 SPI: The World’s Most Accurate 3D SPI Using 4 Way Projection.

aSPIre 2(dual monitor)

  • No False Call, No Escapes via True Shadow Free 3D Inspection
  • Innovative Yield & Process Optimizer
  • Perfect PCB Warp Compensation
  • Measurement up to 2mm Deposits without Sacrificing Resolution

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