Inspection Technology ‘Hits The Road’!

Koh Young’s award-winning patented 3D inspection technology is ‘hitting the road’ with a whirlwind Truck Tour in America, beginning in February, 2013.

Want to learn how to build the best process for your PCB assembly and manufacturing?  We’ll bring the answers – and hands-on demos – right to YOU!

This is a ‘road trip’ you won’t want to miss! We’re bringing the best Koh Young has to offer in SPI and AOI inspection technology to a location conveniently nearby, so you don’t need to travel far. We’re doing the driving!

60+Hands-on Demos – 25 States – 120 Days!

Find a location near you, get more complete information, and register quickly and easily. There’s no need to miss out. See the world’s leading 3D inspection technology equipment, experience live demos, and get the answers you need to improve and optimize your electronics manufacturing process. And it’s FREE!

Register TODAY, and let Koh Young’s Truck Tour show you first-hand the latest and the best in true 3D measurement and inspection – right in your own back yard. What could be easier?